[U-Boot-Users] ppc mailing list...

richard at uclinux.net richard at uclinux.net
Sat Dec 25 00:20:51 CET 2004

> > 
> > Is someone aware of a hardware related PPC mailing list?
> comp.sys.powerpc.tech - but that's a newsgroup.

Gonna try my luck there....

> > Trying to get u-boot image onto an existing mpc852t board
> > where redboot still resides (*iiik).
> > 
> > Main problem is as soon redboot is running it disables
> > the JTAG port. Disabling the flash memory helps using
> > JTAG...but can't access the flash through it (o;
> If it's a MPC8xx than the debug port is BDM, not JTAG. And it  cannot
> be disabled by software.

Someone talked about debugging? (o;

MPC852T can be configured during reset to either use BDM or JTAG...
or it can be set in SIUMCR...


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