[U-Boot-Users] ppc mailing list...

Richard Klingler richard at klingler.net
Sun Dec 26 09:16:46 CET 2004

This goes now too much off-topic here..

Either try to find out the news server from your ISP
which would deliver best performance...

...or search on google for a free usenet server like:


It's that easy (o;

> Sorry, I couldn't reach the above linkage with
> Connection Failed & (110) Connection timed out. Yeah,
> I could read the newsgroup on
> http://news-reader.org/comp.sys.powerpc.tech/ but it's
> not convenient for me because I must build an account
> on google to reply a post. I perfer to do this job
> with Outlook Express, just like I can subscribe
> microsoft.public.cn.windows2000 on Newsgroup Server
> msnews.microsoft.com. So I need to know the right
> Server of comp.sys.powerpc.tech.

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