[U-Boot-Users] MII PHY

richard at uclinux.net richard at uclinux.net
Mon Dec 27 09:27:28 CET 2004

Never mind (o;

> Evening (o;
> Someone has a clue why using "miiphy_reset" and "miiphy_write"
> would not work on a MPC852T board with DP83846A PHY?
> Always gives "mii_send STUCK!" when I call through common/board.c
> via "phy_reset" with PDDIR and PDPAR set correctly to 0x1fff.
> Problem is that the DP83846 PHY comes up with "auto-negotiation"
> set to on and "isolate" also set to on....so after resetting
> the "isolate" bit it works just fine.
> Any other nice place to place a PHY reset code?

PHY has hardwired address of "0" which means "isolate"
for all PHYs I think.  Working perfectly now (o;

Now only board specific FPGA and PCMCIA code is missing
for finishing the com2gether Opus103 support.


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