[U-Boot-Users] cmd_pcmcia.c

richard at uclinux.net richard at uclinux.net
Mon Dec 27 23:15:09 CET 2004

> In message <r02010400-1037-702545FA582F11D99E9A00039387ACB6@[]> you wrote:
> > 
> > Is there any reason that most of the board specific PCMCIA code
> > resides in "common/cmd_pcmcia.c" ?
> Yes, there is: that was what I found  in  the  Linux  kernel  when  I
> started working on this, and from then on the file has just grown. So
> it's historical reasons once again.

So you wouldn't mind if I place the board specific code into
"board/Opus103/pcmcia.c" ? (o;

Just don't like messing around with things in "common/" (o;

best regards

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