[U-Boot-Users] Hi, I am new to U-Boot, I am having problems on porting U-Boot

Jian-Bang Lai jian_bang at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 18 09:01:11 CET 2004


The new board is made by ourselves, but I don't know if it similar to 



>From: "Matias Sundman (AL/EAB)" <matias.sundman at ericsson.com>
>To: "'Jian-Bang Lai'" <jian_bang at hotmail.com>,        
u-boot-users at lists.sourceforge.net
>Subject: RE: [U-Boot-Users] Hi, I am new to U-Boot, I am having problems 
on porting U-Boot
>Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 07:58:22 +0100
>Which board are you fighting with, is it the successor to "BMW" called 
"Merlin" from Broadcom?
>Cheers // Matias
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>Subject: [U-Boot-Users] Hi, I am new to U-Boot, I am having problems on 
porting U-Boot
>Dear All:
>I am new to U-Boot. I am fighting with U-Boot and new board. There are
>MPC8245, 128MB DRAM, 512k X 8 flash PROM, and a 32MB DOC on my board. I am
>trying to modify a configuration of existed board, BMW,  to make U-Boot 
>UART work firstly. Such that I can communicate with my board via 
>or minicom.
>However, I modified the include/configs/BMW.h many times, burn the binary
>file into flash rom, I still can not get any messages via Hyper-term. Can
>any percursor kindly give me some suggestions?
>Ps. I have checked the address of 512k flash PROM (0xfff0-0000 ~
>0xfff7-ffff), baud rate set to 9600 (by BMW defaults).
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