[U-Boot-Users] Hang after relocating u-boot code...

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Thu Jan 1 04:50:21 CET 2004

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> you wrote:
> > 
> > The monitor port can work on my custom board but
> > u-boot hang or crashes after relocation.I read the
> > DULG FAQ about the answer.I,however,want to make
> sure
> > about the fact why the same SDRAM init code does
> work
> > on RPXlite but in vain on my custom board for the
> > SDRAM hardware design are the same with these two
> > boards.
> Is it _exactly_ the same design, with the same types
> of SDRAM chips?

Thanks you so much for your hints.I missed this key
point.Yes,two chips of MT48LC16M16A2-75-B(1-1) on
LITE_DW board with cs1 and two chips of
MT48LC16M16A2-75-IT-C(2-2) on my board with cs1.I
guess both are the same type.Am I right?

> > I am sure that my UPMA RAM WORD is OK because of
> > successful relocation.When I traced the code using
> This does not mean a thing. First, the UPM
> initialization is  just  a
> part  of the required initialization sequence;
> second, the relocation
> uses simple read / write cycles,  while  your 
> problems  happen  when
> accessing the SDRAM in burst mode.

Thanks for correcting my views on UPMA RAM WORD.I am 
studying on burst mode of SDRAM and hope it is the
> > Is this realated with my hardware design or just
> > software adjustment is enough?
> Do we know your hardware design? No.
> Do we know your modifications to the software? No.
> Will you get a useful answer?  Guess...

Sorry for posting such uncertain questions.For
encountering the headache,I sometimes suspect that
there are some defaults on my hardware layout.Is it
possible that the same design with the same chips
would have different results for technics reasons in
some cases?

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> I paid too much for it, but its worth it. 

Happy new year to you!

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