[U-Boot-Users] Debugging with BDI2000

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Mon Jan 12 16:10:20 CET 2004

Dear Pascal,

in message <000b01c3d918$bca3cdc0$1800a8c0 at CLEODE.local> you wrote:
> I use a BDI2000 to debug the code on on LITE5200 v 2.0. 
> I try to debug u-boot with it last month => it works fine when I comment
> the line #define CFG_DEFAULT_MBAR 0x80000000 in
> include/configs.h/IceCube.h (because BDI2000 intialize MBAR first).
> I’ve compiled the last version of u-boot and I can’t now debug it with
> BDI2000 (nothing happened on the console and the PC is staying at
> 0x00001138 ???)

Which config file are you using? Please try  out  the  latest  version
from out FTP server (ftp.denx.de:/pub/BDI2000/)

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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