[U-Boot-Users] Incorrect flash ids?

Anders Larsen alarsen at rea.de
Tue Jan 13 12:13:37 CET 2004

listmember at orkun.us schreibt:
>Guess what! Knowing how picky everyone can be I actually did check the 
>datasheets for all these. Perhaps you should also do the same before 
>accusing me of doing that first.

I did, of course. And checked with the existing u-boot code, too:
It should be rather obvious that changing these IDs (which are supposed
to match the codes read back from the chips) will indeed break existing

>I still stand behind that these are incorrect as it is in the spirit of
>the rest 
>of  XXX_ID_YYYY macros. Take a look at the file!

Looking into the data sheet of the Intel Strata chips (28FxxxJ3A, Intel
document number 290667-009) at Table 15 (Identifier Codes) you'll see
that the device codes (found at word address 0001) are
28F320J3A: 0x0016
28F640J3A: 0x0017
28F128J3A: 0x0018
No ambiguity here.

Looking into include/flash.h at the xxxx_ID_yyyy macros I fail to see
a single one with embedded manufacturer ID (apart from the (incorrect)
>I notice these problems because I happen to have 28F128J3A chip on 
>Cogent CSB272 board that I am porting u-boot to. I actually did manually 
>issue commands using BDI2000 and verified the value for 28F128J3A as 

Then you clearly didn't do it in the same way that the (existing)
code does it; the manufacturer code is read separately from the chip ID
(see flash_get_size() in board/eric/flash.c for a good example).
>Also another thing it is obvious that while 28F128J3 has manufacturer 
>(0x89) embedded (once correct and once incorrectly) in the value the 
>27F127J3A does not have any manufacturer id (or rather manufid is set 
>to 0x00 incorrectly). At least these two should have matched.

As already stated in my previous mail, I agree that the code for
28F128J3 (without 'A') is incorrect
(BTW, the manufacturer code is _not_ supposed to be embedded in the
xxxx_ID_yyyy codes, see above).


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