[U-Boot-Users] Incorrect flash ids?

listmember at orkun.us listmember at orkun.us
Tue Jan 13 19:54:56 CET 2004

> Anders,

> Why is it so? Shouldn't AMD_ID_LV160B be just 0x49 or 0x2249 by the same
> reasoning? What is the reason for duplication of codes in the high and low
> order 16-bits and if it is supposed to be like this why not 28F128J3A =>
> 0x00180018?

Actually, it is 0x00180018. So, the question is why duplicate the id in
the high and low order 16 bits?

The only problem seems to be INTEL_ID_28F128J3 which should be the same as
INTEL_ID_28F128J3A per datasheet.


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