[Fwd: RE: [U-Boot-Users] Incorrect flash ids?]

Tolunay Orkun tolunay at orkun.us
Tue Jan 13 20:20:11 CET 2004

Well, there is no end to it. In my previous job, hardware engineer decided
to use 64bit bus for flash so we had 4 of them to make 64bit bus(MPC755).
So, the 32 bit ones is not enough to compare all 4 anyway.

Another perfectly valid (but unusual) scheme is to map 4 devices each in
byte mode. That 4 byte ID read would be different that the stored one if
you wanted to compare them bus wide.

> Because these flashes are 16bit wide and there are usually two of them
(one for high order 16bits and one for the low order 16 bits)
>> Actually, it is 0x00180018. So, the question is why duplicate
>> the id in the high and low order 16 bits?

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