[U-Boot-Users] Intel Strataflash in 8-bit mode

listmember at orkun.us listmember at orkun.us
Wed Jan 14 17:39:56 CET 2004


Unfortunately, I don't have 8 bit strataflash. I can't help there.

I looked at your driver for Cogent CSB272 board intially but it does not
seem to support 2x 16-bit strataflash on a 32bit bus either.

I can help you with the driver to add such support as well. I agree a
unified flash driver that is capable of handling various bus and port
widths is probably a good thing. Few boards if any have odd ball
configurations that need a custom driver. Most newer flash are CFI


> All the drivers are derived from my original strataflash driver.
> There is a problem with 8bit wide detection in the flash_cfi_detect
> routine.
> The work around is to hardcode the port width after flash_cfi_detect is
> called. I believe I understand the problem, but
> I have no access to 8bit hardware.
> If some one is willing to help debug the problem with 8 bit wide
> protection, I will take on fixing the strataflash driver and moving it
> to the drivers directory.
> This driver does include support for 64 bit wide flash and access to the
> write once areas.
> Is anyone willing and able to work with me?
> Brad

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