[U-Boot-Users] Intel Strataflash in 8-bit mode

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Wed Jan 14 19:09:57 CET 2004

Hmm, interesting. I used one of the strataflash.c from one of the boards.
I do not know which one right now. It did not seem to identify the flash
properly. When it did not work and I took another flash.c that uses BCS,
tweaked it and added flash_real_protect support myself.

I would prefer using CFI driver since it also does buffered flash writes
and  if manufacturer changes the flash chips in some revision it would
most likely not break board support.

Which one do you recommend me to try? This is another reason why CFI
drivers should be unified. When I worked with one I tought they were
probably copies of the same source.

Best regards,

> That seems odd since I have it running on 2x16 in parallel and 2x16 in
> serial here.
> How did it fail in your setup?
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>> Brad,
>> Unfortunately, I don't have 8 bit strataflash. I can't help there.
>> I looked at your driver for Cogent CSB272 board intially but
>> it does not
>> seem to support 2x 16-bit strataflash on a 32bit bus either.
>> I can help you with the driver to add such support as well. I agree a
>> unified flash driver that is capable of handling various bus and port
>> widths is probably a good thing. Few boards if any have odd ball
>> configurations that need a custom driver. Most newer flash are CFI
>> compliant.
>> Regards,
>> Tolunay
>> > All the drivers are derived from my original strataflash driver.
>> > There is a problem with 8bit wide detection in the flash_cfi_detect
>> > routine.
>> > The work around is to hardcode the port width after
>> flash_cfi_detect is
>> > called. I believe I understand the problem, but
>> > I have no access to 8bit hardware.
>> > If some one is willing to help debug the problem with 8 bit wide
>> > protection, I will take on fixing the strataflash driver
>> and moving it
>> > to the drivers directory.
>> > This driver does include support for 64 bit wide flash and
>> access to the
>> > write once areas.
>> > Is anyone willing and able to work with me?
>> > Brad

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