[U-Boot-Users] BDI2000 debugging MPC8245 board

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Wed Jan 14 23:37:22 CET 2004

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> This is a little bit out of topic in the list. So please forgive me first. There are many ppl in the list developing MPC8245 board. Anyone is willing to share your BDI2000 configuration file. There may be some proprietary information on it. But I believ
> e there is some common one someone else could make use of it. BTW, which cpu should I select for MPC8245? There is no specific support for 8245. So I picked 603EV for CPUTYPE.

Please restrict your line length to som 70...80 characters. Thanks.

You can find a collection of BDI2000 config files at

I think CPUTYPE 8240 would be a better choice.

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