[U-Boot-Users] Support for AMD Flash SecSi Sector

Josef Baumgartner josef.baumgartner at telex.de
Fri Jan 30 11:20:32 CET 2004


we use an AMD 29LV640D flash on our MCF5272 board. This flash has a 128 Word 
sector called SecSi which is one time programmable. We'd like to use the 
SecSi sector of the flash to store board information, as serial number and 
ethernet MAC address.

I'll start to implement support for the SecSi sector in u-boot. Is there 
anybody, still working on this topic? Are there any suggestions how to 
implement it?

I think of adding some special commands in cmd_flash.c to read and prog the
SecSi sector. Additionally I would change the read function for the "ethaddr" 
to use the SeCsi sector instead of the environment.


Josef Baumgartner

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