[U-Boot-Users] U-boot for MIPS - problem using latest gcc

Jerry Walden jerry.walden at lantronix.com
Thu Jan 29 02:02:38 CET 2004

My toolchain builds the latest mips kernel and the kernel runs

If you look in start.S - there is a branch to memsetup.  In start.S
there is NO definition of this symbol (i.e. as an external or

The start.S file includes some files, none of which have any reference
to memsetup.  Does the toolchain in ELDK assume that any symbol which is
not defined as an extern, or is not defined in the file as a direct
label, must be external?  Makes no sense to me.

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> you wrote:
> First - I downloaded u-boot v1.0

I could ask wy you use an old version, but it does not matter here.

> Then - I changed CROSS_COMPILE to be the latest MIPS compiler

See below.

> Then - I did a make dbau1x00_config
> Then - I did a make all.
> Memsetup.S is definitely in board/dbau1x00/
> So - the file is not missing.

Indeed. And actually this is building fine:

	-> tar jxf /opt/tarballs/u-boot-1.0.0.tar.bz2 
	-> cd u-boot-1.0.0
	-> MAKEALL dbau1x00
	rm -f include/config.h include/config.mk
	Configuring for dbau1x00 board...
	net.c: In function `NetStartAgain':
	net.c:492: warning: integer overflow in expression
	   text    data     bss     dec     hex filename
	 112120    4760   17252  134132   20bf4 u-boot

> Since it is not missing - it must be "incorrect".  What would 
> "incorrect be"?

Since all of your  steps  except  one  work  fine  here  I  can  only
speculate  that  the  problem  must be in the step where we do things
differently: I use a working compiler.

Seems your toolchain has some problems?

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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