[U-Boot-Users] write_via_fpu() doesn't work?

Shawn shawnxtech at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 1 02:24:18 CEST 2004


I'm debugging the flash_init(), which is ported from SL8245. Through the
following three lines of code, it always gets wrong result.
	write_via_fpu (&addr[0xaaa8], precmd0);
	write_via_fpu (&addr[0x5550], precmd1);
	write_via_fpu (&addr[0xaaa8], cmdid);

But if I manually write to flash via BDI, it always returns correct
result. Doesn't write_via_fpu() work?

(gdb) n
137                     write_via_fpu (&addr[0xaaa8], cmdid);
(gdb) n
139                     DEBUGF ("Flash bank # %d:\n"
(gdb) p *addr
$6 = 0xffffffff
(gdb) mon mmd 0xff80aaa8 000000aa000000aa
(gdb) mon mmd 0xff805550 0000005500000055
(gdb) mon mmd 0xff80aaa8 0000009000000090
(gdb) mon mdd 0xff800000
ff800000 : 0000000100000001  ........
ff800008 : 2222227e2222227e  """~"""~


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