[U-Boot-Users] Ethernet does not work on at91rm9200

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There is an interesting thread about initializing the mac adress:


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In message <367ED8C46538D7119DAC000A0D106744520D54 at elmegmbh.elmedmn.com> you
> but if i boot from filesystem (jffs2) than linux doesnt know the
> if i stop at u-boot prompt, call any network function, and start linux
> afterwords, then linux knows the mac-adress. 

This is a problem with your LInux driver which does not  perform  all
the required initialization.

This tends to become a FAQ.

> does u-boot only initialize the ethernet interface if it is needed? can i


> force u-boot to init the ethernet interface or is there another 'standard'
> way to tell linux the mac-adress?

U-Boot should NOT touch any hardware it does not  access  itself.  If
you  don't  use  the  ethernet  interface  in  U-Boot it shall NOT be
initialized by U-Boot.

The standard way is that the Linux driver is responsible  to  perform
all  required initialization. The method to pass information from the
boot loader to the Linux kernel is architecture dependent; it may use
a bd_info structure (like on PPC), or ATAGs (like on ARM) or  command
line arguments, or a combination of these.

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