[U-Boot-Users] moving u-boot to upper address

mblack at mantaro.com mblack at mantaro.com
Fri Jul 9 17:10:18 CEST 2004

Uh... yeah, guess those detaisl would help.  Hardware is based off of a
ppmc8260.  A BDI2000 would be nice.

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In message <312970-22004759124533430 at M2W056.mail2web.com> you wrote:
> I want u-boot to live in the upper boot area 0xfff00000.

Which processor and board are you talking about?

> I just want to know if there is anything wrong with what I have done or if

How should we know? You don't bother the mantion anything about  your
hardware.  this could be an ARM system, and all you did is completely

> I am dealing with custom hardware and I don't have a hardware debugger -
> lots of flash and crash so I am not exactly sure where my problem is.

Then proceed one step by eanother. Step 1 is to buy a BDI2000.

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