[U-Boot-Users] GCC3.4.0 and board file fixes for Versatile/Integrator

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Sun Jul 11 20:05:22 CEST 2004

In message <89A528FE6DB0FA44877BB2F05B846718896E5B at ZIPPY.Emea.Arm.com> you wrote:
> I added the following changes when compiling u-boot with gcc3.4.0 (see
> attached patch):
> * Patch by Philippe Robin, 1 Jul 2004:
>   - fixed deprecated -mshort-load-bytes option with GCC 3.4.0
>     to -malignment-traps.
>   - Added return statement at the end of smc_phy_configure() in
>     smc91111.c.
>   - Added initialisation for Integrator and versatile board files.

I added only the initialization part of the  patches.  I  reject  the
other two for the following reasons:

1) Hard-coding "-malignment-traps" breaks  compiling  for  all  older
   compilers. I understand why you;re doing this, but please do it in
   a way that is compatible with older compilers as well.

   Please fix and resubmit.

2) smc91111.c has been fixed before (differently).

It would have been better to submit  this  not  in  a  single  patch.
Please note that the README explicitely requests: "A patch containing
several  unrelated changes ... will be returned with a request to ...
split it."

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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