[U-Boot-Users] Help with serial port set-up for PPC 8540

Junita Ajith junita_ppc at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 12 23:29:57 CEST 2004

   I am trying to write an Assembly code , just to
set-up the UART , so as to send a few characters via
the serial port.
   I am working on a 8540 Motorola PowerPC . As I am
starting right from the scratch I dont have the  boot
-loader doing the board initializations for me and so
have to have my own start.S file to do those .

    I just have set-up the necessary registers for
UART and as I am not doing any high level coding I
havent set up the MMU  , TLB etc. But my code doesnt
seem to work !!!

    I assumed that that CPU would direclty read from
the Flash .I am new to this and so I need some advise
of what all have to be done during board bring up, or
where should I look for such documentation.

Any help would be appreciated .


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