[U-Boot-Users] Strange Problem Debugging U-Boot

Talib Alim talibalm at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 13 02:36:28 CEST 2004

I am bringing up u-boot-1.1.1 on 852T.

I used "make FADS860T_config" for configuration. Since this is the
match I could find.

I was given FADS board with 852T, with working cpu, sdram and flash
under BDI2000. I took values from bdi configuration and applied to

If I single step starting from 0x02000100 (my flash starts @
0x02000000) through to function void cpu_init_f (volatile immap_t *
immr) line # 177. It works ok, but if I "Cont" after starting from
0x02000100, I get SIGABRT at line 177 of file u/mpc8xx/cpu_init.c.

{ line 177 is the actual line from u-boot-1.1.1 tree, line 181 which
 claims below is after I added few lines}

Program received signal SIGABRT, Aborted.
0x02002540 in cpu_init_f (immr=0xff000000) at cpu_init.c:181

Actual line is code:

    /* now restrict to preliminary range */
    memctl->memc_br0 = CFG_BR0_PRELIM;
--->memctl->memc_or0 = CFG_OR0_PRELIM;
 #if (defined(CFG_OR1_PRELIM) && defined(CFG_BR1_PRELIM))
    memctl->memc_or1 = CFG_OR1_PRELIM;
    memctl->memc_br1 = CFG_BR1_PRELIM;

Any idea what is going on here ?

Thanks for the help.

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