AW: [U-Boot-Users] LITE5200 board: Bus Fault with 2 network cards

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Be highly cautious with PCI cards that claim 3.3V compatibility by having a notch in the 3.3V key position. Many of them still locally bridge the 5V and the VIO powers!


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Hi Olivier,

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> Betreff: [U-Boot-Users] LITE5200 board: Bus Fault with 2 network cards
> I use a Lite5200 board (ref. board from Motorola). With the two PCI 
> network cards I tried (which I would want to use under Linux 2.4.25), u-boot crashes:

Are these cards 3.3 V types? Have you inserted the cards in the right direction? Since the keys for 3.3 V and 5 V are symmetric, it is possible to insert a 5 V card upside down in a 3.3 V slot (at least if it is mechanically possible, like on the Lite5200 board).

> Two others PCI cards, not network (Maxtor SATA and USB-2.0) did not 
> bring any issue with u-boot 1.1.1
> Is there a known issue with the PCI on the MPC5200, and more 
> specifically with PCI network cards ?

I also have problems with some PCI cards. Some are recognized, some not. I haven't found an explanation, yet. I guess it has something to do with some "3.3 V compatible" cards are not really compatible with 3.3 V only systems. It could as well be an errata in the MPC5200 described in the MPC5200 Errata Listing: 

ID 322: Violation of PCI Tval min time

The PCI Timing Speci?cation de?nes the timing parameter Tval (CLK to Signal Valid Delay):
  Tval min 2 ns, max 11 ns (33MHz)
  Tval min 2 ns, max 6 ns (66MHz)
  When M66EN is asserted, the minimum speci?cation for Tval(min) may be reduced to 1 ns if a mechanism is provided to guarantee a minimum value of 2 ns when M66EN is deasserted.
MPC5200 provides Tval min of 1 ns (instead of 2 ns), which is a violation of the Timing Speci?cation for 33MHz.

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