[U-Boot-Users] [PATCH] MPC85XXADS-20040716.patch for TLB/DDR

Jon Loeliger jdl at freescale.com
Fri Jul 16 21:06:01 CEST 2004


Here is a patch for the MPC8540/8560ADS and STXGP3 boards
that is primarily to support larger DDR memories up to 2G.

This patch applies with a -p2, and was tested on MPC8540ADS,
MPC8560ADS, and compiles on STXGP3 and SBC8560.

As usual, please let me know of any corrections needed here.


* Patch by Jon Loeliger, 16-Jul-2004:
  Fixes for the MPC8540ADS, MPC8560ADS, and stxgp3 boards:
    * Includes Dan Malek's mods of my mods for large DDR on STXGP3 
    * Updated OR3 to only use 1M, not 16M, for CADMUS. Thanks York!
    * Made MPC8540/8560ADS be 33Mhz PCI by default.
    * Incorporated Tom Armistead's spd_sdram patches for picosecond
      resolution, banksize calculations, and dynamic DDR sizing.
    * Better TLB and LAWBAR size determination.
    * Reworked the TLB setup to support up to 2G DDR.
    * DDR setup without SPD_EEPROM is not fully supported.
      and CONFIG_L2_INIT_RAM options.
    * Refactor Local Bus initialization out of SDRAM setup.
    * Re-implement new version of LBC11/DDR11 errata workarounds.
    * Moved board specific PCI init parts out of CPU directory.
    * Added TLB entry for PCI-1 IO Memory
    * Updated README.mpc85xxads

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