[U-Boot-Users] PQ2FADS-VR 2nd Ethernet

Jihua Cheng JihuaC at aaesys.com
Tue Jul 20 17:04:18 CEST 2004


We finally found the reason of the 2nd ethernet is some hardware parts got some problem. 
Now, the 2nd ethernet port works fine.

I noticed in include\configs\MPC8260ADS.h
	#define FETHIEN2		0x01000000
should be changed to 
	#define FETHIEN2		0x10000000	/*BCSR3 bit3 FETHIEN2*/

Thanks a lot for your advice and help!


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>>>>> Jihua Cheng writes:

    Jihua> Yuli, Thanks very much for your instruction.  It seems I move
    Jihua> further, however I still do not make Ethernet port2 works
    Jihua> fine. Following is the my modification and the symptom.

    Jihua> 1) I changed the BCSRs bit FETHIEN2 to 0, reset the Ethernet
    Jihua>    Port2 (Phy addr 3) to enable auto-negatiation. Now, the
    Jihua>    MII reg0 = 0x3100, reg1=0x782D.  IP Addr
    Jihua>    does exist. when I enable FCC2 and ping,
    Jihua>    ping success.  When I "ping", the message
    Jihua>    "fex: tx error" is gone. It seems TX is fine. Is it
    Jihua>    correct?

Probably it is. Try a sniffer (ethereal, tcpdump) on the host to see if
anything is transmitted by the board.

    Jihua> 2) However, "ping" fail. the message "ping
    Jihua>    failed; host" is not alive.  FCC3 Rx Clock
    Jihua>    is set to CLK15. PortB4~17, PortC16~17 are enabled.

Why do you think that the problem is still at the hardware level? What
are the board's IP address, MAC address, subnet mask, etc. (just type
printenv). You write that exists but you don't write
anything about the host to which this address belongs. Is it a Linux
machine? Does it respond to pings at all? What's about subnets? There
are too many possible reasons for ping failure.

[...code deleted...]

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