[U-Boot-Users] Sector addresses alignment of "flinfo"

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Thu Jul 22 13:46:22 CEST 2004

In message <20040722.191908.846936978.uebayasi at pultek.co.jp> you wrote:
> IMO printing 4 (a power of 2) addresses per line would be more
> readable and reasonable:
> 	Bank # 1: INTEL 28F128J3A (128 Mbit)
> 	  Size: 32 MB in 128 Sectors
> 	  Sector Start Addresses:
> 	    FC000000      FC040000      FC080000      FC0C0000
> 	    FC100000      FC140000      FC180000      FC1C0000
> 	    FC200000      FC240000      FC280000      FC2C0000

Maybe in this case, yes.

> And I believe this is always the case for any Flash disk.

"this"? What is the case for any flash? That  4  columns  are  better
than  5?  I  disagree.  There  are  many flashes with a big number of
sectors, so the screen should be used as efficiently as possible.

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