[U-Boot-Users] ARM946, u-boot and linux

Shawn Jin shawnxjin at gmail.com
Tue Jul 27 20:03:25 CEST 2004


My next project will be on ARM946, a microprocessor without MMU. I'm
totally a newbie to ARM processors though have experiences on porting
u-boot and linux to several ppc processors. I am studying on how to
set up the cross development environment. Please shed some light on
these questions haunting me recently.

1. uclinux or linux?
Since ARM946 has no MMU, uclinux might be a better starting point for
porting linux to ARM946. But I have to find out the relationship
between uclinux and linux. To my understanding, uclinux must be a
patch to the normal linux distribution.

2. Boot loader?
Does u-boot support ARM946? I know u-boot supports some ARM processors
with MMU, such as 926. Or more general question: does u-boot support
processors without MMU? From my ppc experience I know MMU is enabled
on u-boot.

3. cross tool chain?
Does ELDK support ARM946? ELDK supports arm920. ELDK can be used for
arm946 if its core is compatible with arm920's. If ELDK doesn't
support it, does it mean that I have to build the cross tool chain
from scratch? Is there any off-shelf tool I can use? I tried to build
ppc cross tool chain from scratch before the crosstool came into
being. That's not a straightforward step, actually painful.

Thank you very much!


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