[U-Boot-Users] [Patch]New board support : lite_dw

Sam Song samsongshu at yahoo.com.cn
Tue May 4 03:09:03 CEST 2004

Wolfgang Denk <wd at denx.de> wrote:
> If the Linux kernel tree uses RPXlite_DW, then this
> is what we should use, too. I think it is a very 
> good idea to use the same  name  when-
> ever possible.

OK. I choose the name,RPXlite_DW, for this board.

> > Secondly,I'd like to support the following
> > features on this board for the moment.
> > 1. LCD panel support;
> This can be done as two build targets, like  the 
> TQM823L_config  and TQM823L_LCD_config.

OK.I did it.

> > 2. 64MHz/48MHz system clock options;
> If possible, make it automatically detect  the 
> clock  frequency  and  auto-adjust.  Your  users  
> will  praise  you if the same binary image
> works on both configurations.

This is really a challenge for me.I meant to build two
targets for it and did.How to make it?Usually we set
PLPRCR in <board.h> to choose system clock for board
init.It seems that it's programmers to decide the
value according to CPU max frequency and oscillator's
frequency on the board.Any clue with it?

> Either make it a  different  build  targets,  or 
> select  a  standard configuration  and  let  the  
> user  decide to modify the board config file.

I really want to make the second possible.Did u-boot
command do this job?

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