DeLaGarza, Robert robdlg at att.net
Mon May 10 22:20:03 CEST 2004

Sonia Martinez wrote:
> Hi all,
> We're using u-boot 1.0.0 to boot Linux on a Lubbock based platform. We've
> been able to boot Linux from RAM, with JFFS2 and nfsroot too. But we've a
> problem with tftp.
> We know that the tftp server works because we've tested it with other
> clients. But with tftp in u-boot we're only able to transfer little files
> (1, 2 Kb)..
> Which can be the problem?? Newer versions work fine??

You've probably checked this, but make sure the cable is good.  I've had 
a bunch of problems with crossover cables in particular.  For example, I 
worked on one board that had no problems with the crossover cable under 
Linux, but under U-Boot, TFTP just wouldn't work.  Using an Ethernet hub 
alleviated this.

I also have a Sony notebook computer that connects fine over a crossover 
cable to a 10Base-T card, but not to a 100Base-T card.

Consequently, I've pretty much given up using crossover cables, for the 
time being.

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