[U-Boot-Users] CPM on 8250 board seems stuck.

Subodh Nijsure SNijsure at SkyStream.com
Wed May 19 02:44:46 CEST 2004


To debug this we wrote a routine to enable the RISC timer on the CPM.

We verify it that this timer is actually getting counted down. This
tells us that CPM is running.

However in the file cpm/mpc8260/serial_scc.c as soon as following line of
code is executed

      tbdf->cdb_sc |= BD_SC_READY;

the RISC timers stops counting.

So somehow it appears that the transmit buffer descriptor that we are
setting up for CPM to transmit data on SCC1 appears to be "invalid"?

The CPM-RAM address that can be used is defined in 
include/asm-ppc/cpm_8260.h (definition of CPM_DATAONLY_BASE) so we moved its
location around to 0x3000, also changing
CPM_DATA_ONLY_SIZE also, but it had no effect.

I am sending question to folks at Motorola but if someone has encountered
this before, please do let me know what could be the possible reason, that
CPM gets stuck momemnt we mark tx descriptor is valid. Since the
CPM at this point processing the RISC timer, I think CPM is getting the
clocked correctly...

-Subodh Nijsure

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> When I step through the code using BDI, I see is the code is stuck in
> while 
> loop in serial_putc waiting for the Buffer descriptor ready bit to get
> cleared 
> in putc function.
>        while ( tbdf->cbd_sc & BD_SC_READY )
> 		;
> It appears to me that CPM is "dead". Now how do I prove things either
> that it is not dead or its is working. Any CLUES I would really
> them.

Most probably the CPM is _not_ dead.

This is a typical case where you should lean back and think about the
problem. So you programmed an UART, and wait for it to complete send-
ing a character. When will this complete? After the last bit and  the
stop  bit(s)  have  been  clocked out. How long will this take? Well,
this obviously depends on the  clock.  Why  might  it  hang  forever?
Ummm... Maybe there is no clock???

Maybe there is no clock???

Check your BRG setup (probably OK, since not  board  dependent),  and
double-check your clock routing!

> Anybody here that has done 8250 board, and booted u-boot on it, care
> share your 
> config.h file?

Why don't you just use  one  of  the  files  in  the  include/configs
directory?  Checking  for example the MAINTAINERS file will reveal at
least two MPC8250 based boards.

Best regards,

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