[U-Boot-Users] flash erase

CG christian at mcdi.com
Wed May 26 16:19:15 CEST 2004

Hello all,

I added a new flash (28F128J3C) to my board and u-boot seems detect the
flash now.

Man ID = 0x89  (intel)

Device ID = 0x18 (28F128J3)

I erase the first sector : erase 10000000 1001ffff

So I displayed the memory by using "md 10000000"

And, I got this thing :

10000000: ffffff10 ffff00b0 ffffff30 ffff0030
10000010: ffffff10 ffffff10 ffff0430 ffff00b0
10000020: ffffff10 ffff7d30 ffff0030 ffff1430
10000030: ffffff10 ffff0030 ffffff30 ffff00b0
10000040: ffffff10 ffff0430 ffff00b0 ffffff30
10000050: ffffff10 ffff00b0 ffffff10 ffff3c30
10000060: ffffff10 ffff00b0 fffffd30 ffffff10
10000070: ffffff10 ffffff10 ffff00b0 ffff00b0
10000080: ffffff10 ffffff30 ffff00b0 ffff0030
10000090: ffffff10 ffff00b0 ffff0030 ffff1430
100000a0: ffffff10 ffff0030 ffff0030 ffffff30
100000b0: ffffff10 ffff7d30 ffffff30 fffffd30
100000c0: ffffff10 ffff00b0 ffff00b0 ffffff30
100000d0: ffffff10 ffff00b0 ffffff30 ffffff30
100000e0: ffffff10 ffffff30 ffff7d30 ffff04b0
100000f0: ffffff10 ffff00b0 ffff00b0 ffff3c30

What should be the content after erasing the memory?

When I copy a file from RAM to this flash sector.  I got this error :

Copy to Flash... not erased at 10000004 (0)

Best regards


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