[U-Boot-Users] [PATCH] Spartan3 family support

llandre r&d2 at dave-tech.it
Thu Apr 28 09:39:18 CEST 2005

Hello guys,

thanks a lot for your support.
I've just retrieved Andrew's patch and I'll try to apply it in order
to make loadb to work too.

Best regards,

DAVE Electronics System House - R&D Department
web:   http://www.dave-tech.it
email: r&d2 at dave-tech.it

>On 4/27/05, Kurt Stremerch <kurt.stremerch at exys.be> wrote:
> > > 3) I tried to use both the "fpga load" and "fpga loadb" commands
> > > respectively with the .bin and .bit files. The first one runs
> > succesfully
> > > while the latter fails. In this case the header is parsed correctly
> > > but the FPGA is not programmed and the DONE does not go high.
> >
> > The loadb function is a wrapper around the load function that converts
> > your bitstream file first. Could you check what the difference is
> > between your manually converted bitsteam file and the data that loadb
> > creates? Imagine that the fpga startup clock configuration is set to the
> > JTAG clock. Your conversion tool could change this automatically into
> > the config clock. But the loadb doesn't make any change to your
> > bitstream before the conversion takes place. This results in a
> > successful configuration in "fpga load" but not in "fpga loadb".
>I posted a patch to change the loadb command on Jan 11 (see the
>archives) that's not yet into cvs.  Here's the issue:
>1) fixes a bug with the 'fpga loadb' command
>The bug is in calculating the config data size - 4 bytes of length info were
>being read as signed chars, casted to long, shifted and added.  The cast to
>long was doing sign extension and causing an incorrect result if a byte was
>greater than 0x80.  For me this caused the fpga load to end early and time out
>waiting for the hardware completion.
>There's some other stuff in the patch, too.  I think the file has changed 
>I posted my patch, so there might be some breakage in applying it, but
>it's pretty simple and I'm sure you can do it by hand :-)

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