AW: [U-Boot-Users] Flash boot issues with MPC8272ADS and PQ2FADS

Jonas Mark (ST/EPP1) * Mark.Jonas at
Wed Aug 10 08:14:05 CEST 2005


> We are using several PQ2FADS-VR and MPC8272ADS boards for a Linux
> project and are experiencing a high occurrence of boards that get
> into a state where they will not boot or behave erratically during
> boot. 
> When folks bring me systems in this state, my "fix" has been to
> replace the 8MB flash SIMM. This usually gets them going again, but I
> honestly don't think the SIMM is the real problem. I have one PQ2FADS
> board that I have put four different SIMMs in and can not get it to
> boot. In most other cases, I can take the "bad" SIMM, put it in
> another board, reprogram it and it will work again (for a while).
> known good, tested kernels. Typically, users will have been working
> for weeks without a problem until they run into this.
> Any insight or shared experience on this is greatly appreciated.

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