[U-Boot-Users] Re: 83xx TSEC

David Updegraff dave at cray.com
Fri Dec 2 16:42:53 CET 2005


My problem here had been my own carelessness combined with HW trouble: I
had an incorrect bit in RCW, and we had voltage levels wrong to PHY.
Nothing to do with u-boot code.

Our PHY is also not explicitly supported; so i submitted a patch to
support un-recognized PHYs as 'generic'; like the linux gianfar driver
does.  But it has languished uncommitted; I dunno why.

> Have you resolved this now? Now I am also working with 83xx TSEC, but
> we also meet the problem,in MDIO and MDC there isn't any signal, I
> wonder if you meet the same problem in your board and whether you can
> give me some comment on this!
> Best Regards,
> Simon
> 2005/9/15, David Updegraff <dave at cray.com>:
>>Anyone know of any registers to look at in the TSEC stuff that might
>>tell a guy why a frame is not moving?
>>Our PHY looks fine; 'mii dump' is fine, link up, etc. but in tsec_send()
>>the buffer of a ping is loaded up, and simply never goes anywhere.
>>->tstat remains clear (no halt bit), but rtx.txbd[txIdx].status never
>>changes from assigned value.
>>Stats claim no frames; which is correct.  I need some help in
>>understanding why TSEC feels it cannot feed anything out the inerface.
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