[U-Boot-Users] Add some diag programs in u-boot

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Mon Dec 5 10:46:00 CET 2005


in message <715d90900512042305q5f6b771fp6562d6d805d593a at mail.gmail.com> you wrote:
>     I'm attempting to add some diag programs into u-boot for a specific
> audio codec in ARM IntegratorCP-like platform so that during each u-booting,
> the device will be diagnosed to make sure it's fine. Could you please tell
> me how to do this task? Thanks a lot!

I think it would be good if you implmented this feature as  a  stand-
alone test application that an be dynamically loaded. If this code is
board  specific,  it should be placed in the relevant board directory
(see board/trab/trab_fkt.c for an example doing exactly this); if the
code  is  really  general  we  may   crate   a   specific   directory
(standalone/) for it.

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