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Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Tue Dec 6 21:53:37 CET 2005

In message <4A062D477D842B4C8FC48EA5AF2D41F201865758 at us-bv-m23.global.tektronix.net> you wrote:
> For the 870 PPC processors, there is a check get_immr(0xFFFF) > 0x800 to

Why don't you chose a descriptive Subject: line?

> decide if it's a 866 and above processors.  We are using IMMR at offset
> 0?

What makes you think so? I don't see any offset in this test anywhere.

> address?  The PLL's I am setting were working before.  Any idea what
> might
> Be the problem with this check ?

What is your problem with it? The code works fine here.

> What does get_immr() return ?  Value of IMMR or value of a register at
> an offset n from value of IMMR ?  I am assuming the latter.

Why don't you simply check the source code? The function returns  the
content  of  the  IMMR  special  register,  logically  ANDed  with the
parameter "mask" of the funktion.

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And why the  h***  do  you  quote  aboyut  800  lines  of  completely
unrelated messages here?

Please read the netiquette, and  follow  at  least  the  basic  rules
before posting here again!

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