[U-Boot-Users] IVPR on E500

Nuno João (Ext_NBS) nuno.joao-ext_nbs at siemens.com
Wed Dec 7 14:09:14 CET 2005

Hello All,

I've noticed some E500 related files (start.S and lib-ppc/board.c,
I don't know if others) have been changed with comment
"E500 update: repoint IVPR to RAM when code is relocated".
I don't understand the need for this change. Traps start in flash,
with IVPR set to TEXT_BASE in start.S. Later, this recent patch
relocates them to the same code but now in ram, after u-boot's
relocation. Later in lib_ppc/board.c:board_init_r() they are
then relocated to the beggining of ram (IVPR = 0).
Why do we need this "IVPR dance"? What does the "repoint IVPR do
RAM" patch fixes?

Thank you All and Best Regards,

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