[U-Boot-Users] U-Boot-1.1.4 released

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Sat Dec 17 17:15:33 CET 2005


I just released U-Boot version 1.1.4. Please see below for the list
of changes since the previous "official" release (U-Boot 1.1.3).

NOTE: this is the last release of U-Boot with full support of the CVS
repository at SourceForge. U-Boot development has been switched  from
CVS  to  git as primary SCM system. CVS support may be dropped in the
near future (at the moment the CVS repository still gets updated  for
backup purposes). For details hot to access the git repository please
see http://www.denx.de/en/Software/GIT or browse it online at

Major changes in U-Boot 1.1.4:

* Support for new CPUs:
	ARM 946E
	NetSilicon NS7520

* Support for new boards:
	AMCC Luan 440SP
	AMD Pb1x00
	Armadillo HT1070
	Barco SCN
	Barco SVC
	Cogent csb637
	esd CMS700
	esd CPCI2DP
	esd cpci5200
	esd pf5200
	IFM o2dnt
	KwikByte KB920x
	Sandburst Karef
	Sandburst Metrobox
	Silicon Turnkey eXpress XTc
	TQ Components TQM834x
	TQ Components TQM8541
	TQ Components TQM8555
	Vibren PXA255 IDP

* Support for GCC-4.x
* Support for multiple PHYs
* Support for passing Open Firmware flat trees to the Linux kernel
* Generic 4xx_enet.c driver for all 4xx CPUs
* Uniform support for all AMCC eval boards
* Xilinx Spartan3 family FPGA support
* Major cleanup ARM Integrator boards
* Changed all '$(...)' variable references into '${...}'

Changes for U-Boot 1.1.4:

* Changes to Yellowstone & Yosemite 440EP/GR eval boards:
  - Changed GPIO setup to enable another address line in order to
    address 64M of FLASH.
  - Added function sdram_tr1_set to auto calculate the tr1 value for
    the DDR.
  Patch by Steven Blakeslee, 12 Dec 2005

* MPC5200:  Set PCI retry counter to 0 = infinite retry;
  The default of 255 is too short for slow devices.
  Patch by Martin Nykodym, 12 Dec 2005

* Change port configuration for O2DNT (CODEC1 on PSC1).

* Fix register for PCI async mode on PPC440EP
  Patch by Youngchul Bang, 08 Dec 2005

* Fix U-Boot linking problems (add .eh_frame segment to linker script)
  This segment may be required by some libgcc.a functions
  (like _udivdi3).

* Fix DPRAM offset/size for MPC8541/8555.
  Simplify TQM85xx Makefile handling.

* Fix data overflow (typo?) in rtc/ds1302.c

* Fix U-Boot compilation for MIPS boards using ELDK 4.0

* Add support for TQM8541/8555 boards, TQM85xx support reworked:
  - Support for TQM8541/8555 boards added.
  - Complete rework of TQM8540/8560 support.
  - Common TQM85xx code now supports all current TQM85xx platforms
  - DDR SDRAM size detection added.
  - CAS latency default values can be overwritten by setting "serial#"
    to e.g. "ABC0001 casl=25" -> CAS latency 2.5 will be used.
    If problems are detected with this non default CAS latency,
    the default values will be used instead.
  - Flash size detection added.
  - Moved FCC ethernet driver initialization behind TSEC driver init
    -> TSEC is first device.
  Patch by Stefan Roese, 30 Nov 2005

* Add support for AMCC 440SP, add support for AMCC Luan 440SP eval board.
  Patch by John Otken, 23 Nov 2005

* Changed PPC44x startup message (cpu info, speed...) to common style:
  On PPC44x platforms, the startup message generated in "cpu.c" only
  comprised the ppc type and revision but not additional information
  like speed etc. Those speed infos where printed in the board specific
  code. This new implementation now prints all CPU infos in the common
  cpu specific code. No board specific code is needed anymore and
  therefore removed from all current 44x implementations.
  Patch by Stefan Roese, 27 Nov 2005

* Adjust TQM834x PHY addresses for latest hardware revision.

* Increase malloc arena on TQM5200 board to 256 kB.
  With 64 kb uniform flash sector size the old value of 128 kB was
  too small.

* Fix miiphy global data initialization (problem on 4xx boards when
  no ethaddr is assigned). Initialization moved from
  miiphy_register() to eth_initialize().

  Based on initial patch for 4xx platform by Matthias Fuchs.

* Remove unnnecessary #include <linux/types.h> from include/asm-*/u-boot.h

* Allow use of include/image.h and include/asm-*/u-boot.h in proprietary code.
  The COPYING file was extended to make clear that these files can be
  used in non-GPL code, too.
  Also, a corresponding note was placed in the headers of the affected files.

* Add support for Prodrive P3P440 board:
  - Added onboard PPC440 DDR autodetection in cpu/ppc/sdram.c
  - CFG_FLASH_QUIET_TEST added to use the common CFI driver
    for bank autodetection
  Patch by Stefan Roese, 22 Nov 2005

* Change all '$(...)' variable references into '${...}'
  which makes the environment compatible with the hush shell.
  WARNING: Support for the old '$(...)' syntax will be
  discontinued in a later version.

* Minor changes to init flags in TQM834x PCI.

* Fix Bamboo DDR SDRAM initialization (problem with onboard SDRAM)
  Patch by Stefan Roese, 15 Nov 2005

* New PPC 405EP board added: CMS700
  Added CONFIG_NET_MULTI for VOM405 board.
  Added reset_phy() for VOM405 board.
  Patch by Matthias Fuchs, 09 Nov 2005

* Updated PCI mapping for esd CPCI2DP board.
  Add support for error LED.
  Patch by Matthias Fuchs, 07 Nov 2005

* Fix MPC85xx PCI support (pci_register_hose() before pci config access)
  Patch by Stefan Roese, 07 Nov 2005

* Correct PPC Timebase register definitions (SPRN_TBRL...)
  Patch by Stefan Roese, 07 Nov 2005

* Adjust bd->bi_flashstart on Yellowstone & Yosemite to correct size
  Patch by Stefan Roese, 05 Nov 2005

* Additional fix for external IRQ config on Yellowstone & Yosemite
  Patch by Stefan Roese, 03 Nov 2005

* Add support for Ocotea pass 3 with 440GX Rev. F
  Patch by Stefan Roese, 01 Nov 2005

* Fix external IRQ configuration on Yellowstone & Yosemite
  Patch by Stefan Roese, 28 Oct 2005

* Add support for multiple PHYs.
  Tested on the following boards:
	cmcpu2      (at91rm9200/ether.c)
	PPChameleon (ppc4xx/4xx_enet.c)
	yukon       (mpc8220/fec.c)
	uc100       (mpc8xx/fec.c)
	tqm834x     (mpc834x/tsec.c) with EEPRO100
	lite5200    (mpc5xxx/fec.c) with EEPRO100 card (drivers/eepro100.c)
  Main changes include:
  - miiphy_register routine was added to allow multiple PHYs to be registered
  - miiphy_read and miiphy_write are now defined in this file, and
    require additional argument (char *devname)
  - other miiphy_* routines also require additional device name argument
  Calling reset_phy() was moved to be executed *after* eth_initialize().
  This is necessary as now some of the implementations of reset_phy()
  may need to use miiphy_reset() which is not allowed before eth_initialize()
  as eth_initialize registers all required miiphy_* routines.
  Tested on IP860 and PHY initializes properly after this change.

* Correct includes for flat tree builder.

* Fix conflicting types (flash_write()) in trab auto_update.c.

* Add PCI support for the TQM834x board.

* Add missing 4xx board to MAKEALL
  Patch by Stefan Roese, 20 Oct 2005

* Fix conflicting types (flash_write()) in esd auto_update.c
  Patch by Stefan Roese, 20 Oct 2005

* Fix problem with sleep in NetConsole (use get_timer())
  Patch by Stefan Roese, 20 Oct 2005

* Add NetConsole Support for AMCC eval boards
  Patch by Stefan Roese, 20 Oct 2005

* Fix NetConsole support on 4xx (only print eth link on 1st transfer)
  Patch by Stefan Roese, 18 Oct 2005

* Add fat & ext2 support to AMCC 440EP boards Yosemite & Bamboo.
  Fix identation on ext2ls help entry.
  Patch by Stefan Roese, 14 Oct 2005

* Add support for TQM834x boards.

* Cleanup for GCC-4.x

* Add documentation for Open Firmware Flat Tree and usage.
  Patch by Pantelis Antoniou, 13 Oct 2005

* Add missing files for Pantelis Antoniou's patch
  Patch by Pantelis Antoniou, 04 Sep 2005

* Fix problem in ppc4xx eth-driver without ethaddr (only without
  Patch by Stefan Roese, 10 Oct 2005

* Fix gzip bmp support (test if malloc fails, warning when truncated).
  Increase CFG_VIDEO_LOGO_MAX_SIZE on HH405 board.
  Patch by Stefan Roese, 07 Oct 2005

* Add support for OF flat tree for the STXtc board.
  Patch by Pantelis Antoniou, 04 Sep 2005

* Support passing of OF flat trees to the kernel.
  Patch by Pantelis Antoniou, 04 Sep 2005

* Cleanup

* Add support for NetSilicon NS7520 processor.
  Patch by Art Shipkowski, 12 May 2005

* Add support for AP1000 board.
  Patch by James MacAulay, 07 Oct 2005

* Eliminate hard-coded address of Ethernet transfer buffer on at91rm9200
  Patch by Anders Larsen, 07 Oct 2005

  The Atmel errata #11 states that the transfer buffer descriptor
  table must be aligned on a 16-word boundary. As it turned out, this
  is insufficient - it seems the table must be aligned on a boundary
  at least as large as the table itself (in Linux this is not an
  issue - the table is aligned on a PAGE_SIZE (4096) boundary).

* Fixed compilation for ARM when using a (standard) hard-FP toolchain
  Patch by Anders Larsen, 07 Oct 2005

* Cleanup warnings for cpu/arm720t & cpu/arm1136 files.
  sed the linker scripts, rather than pre-process them.
  Patch by Peter Pearse, 07 Oct 2005

* Update make target for ARM supported boards.
  Use lowlevel_init() instead of platformsetup() [rename].
  Patch by Peter Pearse, 06 Oct 2005

* Fix booting from serial dataflash on AT91RM9200
  Patch by Peter Menzebach, 29 Aug 2005

* Add JFFS2 support for TRAB board
  Patch by Martin Krause, 25 Aug 2005

* Remove unnecessary dependency of netconsole on CONFIG_NET_MULTI
  Patch by Marcus Hall, 24 Aug 2005

* Fix the machine-id of the Cogent csb637 board
  Patch by Anders Larsen, 05 Oct 2005

* Complete support for the KwikByte KB920x boards
  Patch by Anders Larsen, 05 Oct 2005

* Set the AT91RM9200 clock to asynchronous mode
  Patch by Anders Larsen, 03 May 2005

* Set the AT91RM9200 clock to synchronous mode
  Patch by Anders Larsen, 29 Apr 2005

* Add support for Cogent csb637
  Patch by Anders Larsen, 29 Apr 2005

* Fix dm9161.c initialization
  Patch by Anders Larsen, 29 Apr 2005

* Fix problems introduced by Patch by Steven Scholz, 02 Mar 2005

* Move dm9161.c and lxt972.c into cpu/arm920t/at91rm9200
  Patch by Anders Larsen, 29 Apr 2005

* Fix device partition intialization for SystemACE disks.
  Patch by Stephen Williams, 28 Apr 2005

* Added support for KwikByte KB920x boards (based on AT91RM9200)
  Patch by Matt ?? <kb9200_dev at kwikbyte.com>, 27 Apr 2005

* Add support for S29GL064M-R3 flash chip on xsengine board
  Patch by Kurt Stremerch, 18 Apr 2005

* E500 update: repoint IVPR to RAM when code is relocated
  Patch by Kylo Ginsberg, 13 Apr 2005

* Fix loop end test in lib_generic/string.c:strswab()
  Patch by Andrew Dyer, October 10, 2005
  Signed-off-by: Andrew Dyer <amdyer at gmail.com>

* Cleanup

* Update ARM Integrator boards:
  Correct addessing errors in platform files.
  Split off common core module data from Integrator header files to
  Patch by Peter Pearse, 04 Oct 2005

* Make sure only supported compiler options are used
  Import "cc-option" shell function from kernel and
  use it to get the correct ARM GCC options for individual CPUs
  Patch by Peter Pearse, 30 Jun 2005

* Fix 440GR to print correct cpu revision
  Patch by Stefan Roese, 04 Oct 2005

* Change board message on AMCC Yosemite & Yellowstone to common style
  Patch by Stefan Roese, 03 Oct 2005

* Fix compiler warning

* Fix FEC PHY addresses for TQM85xx boards

* Fix uninitialized variable problem in hush shell
  Patch by Lars Rostock, 26 Sep 2005

* Undo change of f6e20fc6ca... to include/configs/trab.h
  (Must have been an accident?)

* Add support for AT91RM9200 OHCI Controller.
  Patch by Eric Benard, 07 Apr 2005

* Update ARM mach-types.h
  Patch by Eric Benard, 07 Apr 2005

* Add support for MP2USB board.
  Patch by Eric Benard, 07 Apr 2005

* Add board support for armadillo HT1070
  Patch by Rowel Atienza, 06 Apr 2005

* Second Ethernet address enabled for MPC885ADS and MPC8272ADS.
  Patch by Vitaly Bordug, 30 Mar 2005

* Add iopset command on mpc8xx
  Patch by Daniel Eisenhut, 25 Mar 2005

* Add support for MII in eepro100 driver.
  Patch by Gleb Natapov, 21 Mar 2005

* Fixes to the Lubbock (PXA 25x) support:
  - Resolve the FIXME with respect to saving the u-boot environment.
  - Make the default load address land in real memory.
  - Fix lan91c96 SMC_{in,out}{b,w,l}() macros
  Patch by David Brownell, 10 Mar 2005

* Add Barco Streaming Video Card (SVC) and Sample Compress Network (SCN) board
  Patch by Marc Leeman, 04 Mar 2005

* OMAP242x H4 board update
  - fix for ES2 differences.
  - switch to using the cfi_flash driver.
  - fix SRAM build address.
  - fix for GP device operation.
  - unlock SRAM for GP devices.
  - display more device information.
  - fix potential deadlock in omap24xx_i2c driver.
  - fix DLL load values to match dpllout*1 operation.
  - fix 2nd chip select init for combo DDR device.
  - add support for CFI Intel 28F256L18 on H4 board.
  Patch by Richard Woodruff, 03 Mar 2005

* Fix formating in include/asm-arm/arch-at91rm9200/AT91RM9200.h
  Patch by Steven Scholz, 02 Mar 2005

* Fix typo in eth.c
  Patch by Ara Avanesyan, 24 Feb 2005

* Remove unneeded #include <malloc.h>
  Patch by Ladislav Michl, 22 Feb 2005

* Add cramfs support for m68k
  Patch by Zachary Landau, 21 Feb 2005

* Update ep8260: Fix flash timeouts; improve clock resolution for faster UARTs
  Patch by Jeff Angielski, 21 Feb 2005

* Fix au1x00_serial baud rate calculation:
  remove hardcoded cpu clock divisor and use register instead;
  round up instead of truncate
  Patch by Andrew Dyer, 15 Feb 2005

* Add Xilinx Spartan3 family FPGA support
  Patch by Kurt Stremerch, 14 Feb 2005

* Fix drivers/cfi_flash.c: use info->reset_cmd instead of FLASH_CMD_RESET
  Patch by Zachary Landau, 11 Feb 2005

* Fix VOH405 Support
  Patch by Matthias Fuchs, 25 Sep 2005

* Added support for PCI bridge on MPC8272ADS
  Patch by Vitaly Bordug, Feb 09 2005

* Update multicore CM9XX support for Integrator AP to allow booting from flash
  Patch by Jean-Paul Saman, 8 Feb 2005

* Fix strswab() to reliably find end of string
  Patch by Andrew Dyer, 08 Feb 2005

* Fix typos in include/ppc440.h
  Patch by Andrew E Mileski, 04 Feb 2005

* Add Vibren (was Accelent) PXA255 IDP Support
  Patch by Cliff Brake, 04 Feb 2005

* Fix tools/bmp_logo.c using incorrect offset to pixel data
  Patch by Andrew Dyer, 31 Jan 2005

* Add ARM946E cpu and core module targets; remap memory to 0x00000000
  Patch by Peter Pearse, 2 Feb 2005

* Fix error handling in tools/env/fw_env.c
  Patch by Ara Avanesyan, 01 Feb 2005

* Fix MGT5100 PSC baudrate calculation
  Patch by Sebastian Schau, 27 Jan 2005

* OMAP242x fix for GP device booting
  - Add SRAM unlock for GP devices.
  - Change DDR DLL unlock value to allow DPLLout*1 operation.
  Patches by Richard Woodruff, 21 Jan 2005:

* Add support for AMD's Pb1x00 eval board;
  add MII routines to the au1x00 ethernet driver;
  add USB ohci driver (work in progress)
  Patch by Thomas Sailer, 20 Jan 2005

* Update omap5912osk board
  Use drivers/cfi_flash.c instead of private flash driver;
  Remove hardcoded personalized settings from omap5912osk.h;
  Fix spacing with (RO) marks in 'flinfo' output.
  Patch by Michael Bendzick, 14 Jan 2005

* Fix warnings for PCI code on ixp
  Patch by Joe <lgxue at yahoo.com>, 13 Jan 2005

* virtex2 fix for bogus download error messages
  The virtex2 FPGA download code watches for init going active during
  a download of config data as an error condition. init also goes
  active after a configuration is finished in concert with the done
  signal. So far, the code does not check for done active until all
  of the configuration data is sent. If configuration data has a few
  extra pad bytes at the end, this would cause an error message even
  though the download had suceeded.
  NOTE: virtex2 slave serial and spartan2 versions may still have the
  same problem.
  Patch by Andrew Dyer, 12 Jan 2005

* Optimize flash_make_cmd in drivers/cfi_flash.c for little endian
  Fix "WARNING: flash_make_cmd: unsuppported LittleEndian mode"
  message when probing for nonexistent flash in little endian mode.
  As a side effect more efficient and smaller code is generated,
  which is always a Good Thing (TM).
  Patch by Ladislav Michl, 24 Sep 2005

* Update for TFTP using a fixed UDP port
  Use the approved environment variable names. Added "tftpdstp" to
  allow ports other than 69 per Tolunay Orkun's recommendation.
  Patch by Jerry Van Baren, 12 Jan 2005

* Allow to force TFTP to use a fixed UDP port
  (Add a configuration option CONFIG_TFTP_PORT and optional env
  variable tftpport)
  Patch by Jerry Van Baren, 10 Jan 2005

* Fix ethernet timeouts on dbau1550 and other au1x00 systems
  Patch by Leif Lindholm, 29 Dec 2004

* Cleanup: fix broken builds

* Fix PHY address argument passing with mii info command
  Patch by Andrew Dyer, 28 Dec 2004

* Cleanup (PPC4xx is AMCC now)

* esd CPCI2DP board added
  Patch by Matthias Fuchs, 22 Sep 2005

* esd PMC405 board updated
  Patch by Matthias Fuchs, 22 Sep 2005

* Add SM501 support to HH405 board.
  Add support for gzip compressed bmp's (CONFIG_VIDEO_BMP_GZIP).
  Add support for eeprom write-enable (CFG_EEPROM_WREN).
  Patch by Stefan Roese, 22 Sep 2005

* Fix autonegotiation in tsec ethernet driver
  Patch by Stefan Roese, 21 Sep 2005

* Fix bug in auto_update (trab board)
  Patch by Martin Krause, 16 Sep 2005

* Fix computation of framebuffer palette for 8bpp LCD bitmaps
  Patch by Francesco Mandracci, 16 Sep 2005

* Update configuration for INKA4x0 board

* Update configuration for PM854 board
  Based on patch by R. Loeffl, 20 Jul 2005

* Add PCI support to TQM8540 and TQM8560 boards
  Patch by Stefan Roese, 15 Sep 2005

* Update AMCC Yosemite to get a consistent setup for all AMCC eval
  boards (baudrate, environment...). Flash driver fixed.
  Patch by Stefan Roese, 15 Sep 2005

* Fix problem in 440GP ethernet driver (ebony). Add support for 2nd
  ethernet port on ebony.
  Patch by Stefan Roese, 7 Sep 2005

* Added support for mtddevnum and mtddevname variables (mtdparts command)

* Change default console baud rate for stxxtc board

* Add I2C support to TQM8540 and TQM8560 boards (EEPROM, RTC, LM75-DTT).
  Patch by Stefan Roese, 31 Aug 2005

* Fix default command set (don't include CFG_CMD_DISPLAY command)
  Patch by Pantelis Antoniou, 02 Sep 2005

* Cleanup

* Enable SM712 driver support for HMI1001 board.

* Fix problems with ld version 2.16 (dot outside sections problem)
  Pointed out by Gerhard Jaeger, 31 Aug 2005;
  cf. http://sourceware.org/ml/binutils/2005-08/msg00412.html

* Prepare U-Boot for gcc-4.x: fix global data pointer initialization

* Adjust CS3 timings on HMI1001 board for dot matrix display under Linux

* Add keyboard and dot matrix display support for HMI1001 board.

* Prepare U-Boot for gcc-4.x

* Fixed Bamboo port to enable running without DDR-DIMM
  (Bamboo has also 64MB onboard DDR)
  Patch by Stefan Roese, 24 Aug 2005

* Merged 405gp_enet.c and 440gx_enet.c to generic 4xx_enet.c
  now handling all 4xx cpu's
  Patch by Stefan Roese, 16 Aug 2005

* Fix make dependencies for at91rm9200 and ks8695 cpus
  Patch by Steven Scholz, 23 Aug 2005

* Add JFFS2 support for TQM5200 board

* Add esd cpci5200 and pf5200 boards
  Patch by Reinhard Arlt, 22 Aug 2005

* Fix sysclock for TQM8540 and TQM8560 boards
  Patch by Martin Krause, 25 Jul 2005

* Initialize serial# and ethaddr from manufacturer data in EEPROM on CMC-PU2
  Patch by Martin Krause, 08 Jun 2005

* Add new board specific commands for TQM5200/STK52XX
  - Sound commands (beep, wav, sound)
  - Test commands (led, can, backlight, rs232)
  Patch by Martin Krause, 02 May 2005

* Change main clock on CMC-PU2 board from 207 MHz to 179 MHz
  because of a bug in the AT91RM9200 CPU PLL
  Patch by Martin Krause, 22 Apr 2005

* Add automatic HW detection for another CMC_PU2 variant
  Patch by Martin Krause, 20 Apr 2005

* Remove CONFIG_AT91RM9200DK in CMC-PU2 configuration
  Patch by Martin Krause, 19 Apr 2005

* Fix initialization problem on TQM5200 without SM501
  Patch by Martin Krause, 08 Apr 2005

* Add RTC support for STK52XX.200
  Patch by Martin Krause, 07 Apr 2005

* Add support for IFM o2dnt board

* Enable PCI on hmi1001 board

* Fix return values of the jffs2 commands ls/fsload/fsinfo,
  so we can use them to, e.g., check the existence of a file with
  "if ls foo; then this; else that; fi" in the hush shell
  Patch by Andreas Engel, 16 August 2005

* Coding style cleanup

* Add support for Silicon Turnkey eXpress XTc (mpc87x/88x) board.
  Patch by Dan Malek and Pantelis Antoniou, 15 Aug 2005

* Check return value of malloc in 440gx_enet.c
  Patch by Travis B. Sawyer, 18 Jul 2005

* Add Sandburst Metrobox and Sandburst Karef board support packages.
  Second serial port on 440GX now defined as a system device.
  Add 'Short Etch' code for Cicada PHY within 440gx_enet.c
  Patch by Travis B. Sawyer, 12 Jul 2005

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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