[U-Boot-Users] [Patch] Fix CONFIG_SKIP_LOWLEVEL_INIT build for at91rm9200dk

Frank Mandarino fmandarino at endrelia.com
Mon Dec 19 21:12:19 CET 2005


I just finished upgrading our AT91RM9200-EK to U-Boot 1.1.4.  I defined 
CONFIG_SKIP_LOWLEVEL_INIT since I was only upgrading the second stage of 
Atmel's two-stage bootloader process.

I had to make changes to two files as shown in the attached patch.  The 
first was to #ifndef out the cpu_init_critical function in 
cpu/arm920t/start.S to avoid a undefined reference to lowlevel_init.

The second was to change two #ifdef statements to #ifndef in 
include/configs/at91rm9200dk.h as in both cases the else-part matches 
the configuration used by Atmel.

Frank Mandarino
Endrelia Technologies Inc.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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