[U-Boot-Users] about DS1339

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Fri Dec 30 18:43:37 CET 2005


in message <20051230191247.06FF.LARK at linux.net.cn> you wrote:
> Since only difference between ds1339 and ds1337 is Trickle Charge
> register from software view, and currently u-boot doesn't use this
> register, can I send a doc & code patch which adds support for
> CONFIG_RTC_DS1339, or send a doc patch which states that
> CONFIG_RTC_DS1337 is for DS1337/1339?

Please send a patch to add a new CONFIG_RTC_DS1339 option, as this is
probably more intuitive for the average user. We  may  also  want  to
rename rtc/ds1337.c into rtc/ds133x.c then...

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