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Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Thu Feb 3 23:58:45 CET 2005

In message <r02010400-1037-A42C1278762611D9B21600039387ACB6@[]> you wrote:
> Evening...

Monring... :-)

> Does someone has an idea why on OSX systems compiling u-boot

I don't even have an idea what OSX systems are.

> picks up host's libgcc.a in the end?

I think I just checked in a patch for this problem:

* Removed '--no-warn-mismatch' option from Makefile. This option
  makes 'ld' to overlook binary objects compatibility.

* Moved $(PLATFORM_LIBS) from the library group (--start-group ...
  --end-group) outside of the group. This will make 'ld' to do
  _multiple_ search in the library group when resolving symbol
  references and do only a _single_ seach in libgcc.a after the group

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