[U-Boot-Users] bdi2000 reset target failed

Hinko Kocevar hinko at iskramedical.si
Mon Feb 7 13:55:36 CET 2005

After good start I'm back to square one in my debugging session. After a 
while and with help on this list I managed to get target resetted and 
did some tests. After a while the same problem appeared - BDI2000 can 
not reset target and fails with message:
- TARGET: processing reset request
- TARGET: BDI asserts RESET and TRST
- TARGET: BDI removed TRST
- TARGET: Bypass check: 0x000000001 => 0x00FFFFFF
- TARGET: JTAG exists check failed
# TARGET: resetting target failed
# JTAG: communication with target failed
- TARGET: target will be restarted in 10 sec

I'm pretty sure that JTAG cable for first target is OK, since it was 
working a while ago, and I also tested BDI2000 with another PXA target 
and the same error emerges there (with this target I have direct 
connection between BDI2000 and target JTAG).

Any help is appreciated...

hinko <dot> kocevar <at> iskramedical <dot> si
Hinko Kocevar, embedded systems developer
Iskra Medical d.o.o., Stegne 23, 1k LJ, SLO-EU

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