[U-Boot-Users] u-boot crashing in 'm8260_cpm_reset'

Ajit Kumar ajit at deccanetworld.com
Wed Feb 9 16:39:44 CET 2005



I am a newbie to uboot and I am trying to port uboot onto a Rattler board

I am using Wiretap CCS to debug the uboot.


After I run the code, it always gets a system reset (found by attaching the
wiretap). The cause of this system reset is the following:


    "'gd->dp_alloc_base = CPM_DATAONLY_BASE;". This is the line 1 in
commproc.c, after executing this line, uboot gets a system reset .  


For your reference I am attaching the complete code of m8260_cpm_reset()










      volatile immap_t *immr = (immap_t *)CFG_IMMR;


      volatile ulong count;


      /* Reclaim the DP memory for our use.            */


1     gd->dp_alloc_base = CPM_DATAONLY_BASE;


2     gd->dp_alloc_top = gd->dp_alloc_base + CPM_DATAONLY_SIZE;


      /*    Reset CPM             */


3     immr->im_cpm.cp_cpcr = CPM_CR_RST;






IMMR address for the Rattler board is 0xFF000000.


CPM_DATAONLY_BASE is 128 (in cpm_8260.h).

CPM_DATAONLY_SIZE is (8 * 1024) - CPM_DATAONLY_BASE (in cpm_8260.h).

CPM_CR_RST is 0x80000000 (in cpm_8260.h).





Ajit Kumar


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