[U-Boot-Users] Serial & Framebuffer Console together

Praveen VS praveen at spacomp.com
Wed Feb 23 15:06:15 CET 2005


Our board is customised board based on PXA255 processor, in that we have
the samsung Color LCD Controller( S6B33B0A) . 

The LCD is not interfaced to the Default PXA255 LCD pins.
IN our board the LCD controller ChipsSelect is connected to the Static
Chipselect 4 of PXA255
The LCD is a 16bpp LCD.

We are able to initialise the LCD. We are able to get the plain colors
We are trying to display u-boot logo on this  16bpp LCD.But it is not

When we looked at code bmp_logo.c , we found utility called bmp_logo, 
which converts bmp file into header
This header file is for 8 bpp & has a bmp palette field.
It tries to write the Pallette info on to Palette Ram of PXA255.

But our LCD controller is external & doesn't have pallette RAM.It only
has a standard DisplayRAM
The 16 bit colors which this controller supports doesn't have the
Pallete information.

How can we display the logo of 16bpp color depth image onto the LCD.in


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Hello ,]
Thanks for you mail.
We are trying to draw logo on to the LCD Screen, we are not able to see
anything on it.. Regards Praveen

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In message <001301c50df7$99e60900$0400a8c0 at praveenvs> you wrote:
> After initialising we are getting the shell prompt on stdout(serial)
> In that when we did the cninfo we got the following.. $ coninfo
> List of available devices:
> lcd      00000002 ..O
> serial   80000003 SIO stdin stdout stderr
> nulldev  80000003 SIO 
> We are not sure if the lcd console info is correct..

What is not clear to you? As you can see in your log the  LCD  device
has  been  registered  as an output device, and input and poutput are
directed to the serial port. So everything looks  perfectly  fine  to
me. What did you expect?

Best regards,

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