[U-Boot-Users] Problem uncompressing kernel image

"Häpe, Sebastian, HRD/AB" sebastian.haepe at eads.com
Thu Feb 24 16:18:48 CET 2005

Hi everybody!

I now have U-Boot running fine on my self designed, PPC603e-based board.
In the next step I want to try to start a Linux kernel image.
For the generation of it, I use the ELinOS embedded Linux distribution.
This creates me the kernel image (v2.4) + the initial ram disk. For
debugging I use the
BDI-2000 JTAG debugger.

First, I start U-Boot from flash memory, located at 0xff800000. 
After it runs, I load the kernel multi-image to RAM, which is located from
0x00000000 to 0x007fefff, at address 0x00600000.
Using the 'imi 0x00600000'-command, i get the output:

=> imi 0x00600000

## Checking Image at 00600000 ...
   Image Name:    Multi-File Image
   Created:       2005-02-24 14:27:59 UTC
   Image Type:    PowerPC Linux Multi-File Image (gzip compressed)
   Data Size:     1237870 Bytes = 1.2MB
   Load Address:  00010000
   Entry Point:   00010000
   Image 0:   333090 Bytes = 325.3 kB
   Image 1:   904766 Bytes = 883.6 kB
   Verifying Checksum ... OK

Then I try to start the image:

=> bootm 0x00600000

## Booting image at 00600000
   [ same as command before ]
   Umcompressing Multi-File Image ... inflateInit2() returned -4
   GUNZIP ERROR - must RESET board to recover

What could be the problem?
I calculated the sizes and i am _nearly_ sure, that nothing is overwritten.

Sebastian Häpe

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