[U-Boot-Users] Multiple Flash Devices

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Thu Feb 24 23:33:40 CET 2005

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Zachary Landau wrote:
> In that case, did both flash devices use the same driver?  My two

There is always only one flash driver.

> flash devices use different drivers.  So what I am currently doing is
> adding a prefix to the different flash driver functions (ie: change
> CFI's write_buff to cfi_write_buff) and then adding function pointers
> to each flash bank structure indicating which function to use.

Why do you think this is necessary?

> This seems to be a decent approach.  The main problem is that the
> flash calls are a bit scattered, and also it will require all flash
> devices to be changed.  But I'll continue with it unless someone has a

Such a change will never be accepted for the common source tree.

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