[U-Boot-Users] Verifying checksum problems.

warrier at optovia.com warrier at optovia.com
Mon Feb 28 23:55:03 CET 2005

    Firstly let me apologise. It seems I have no control on how my mails 
are sent. We are forced to use and ancient version of Lotus Notes here and 
I'm not sure how the rest of the folks on this list
receive the mails that I send when I reply "with history" which is Notes 
quaint way of including your replies to my questions etc.
    A) I have not posted HTML to this list. I see no reason to. Any HTML 
links that have may have been added seems to have been done by this 
blessed mailer.
    B) The quote that you claim I have used improperly is something you, 
Mr.Denk  pulled out of my first post. It was from my original post and you 
cut and pasted it in your reply. My mailer seems to have mangled this 
    C) Hence do not look below the area that contains my name Sadanand 
Warrier because that is where what I type ends and the rest of it is stuff 
that is added by Notes.

Now to come to the problem.
    1) My uncompressed kernel image is approximately 1.1M. I don't know if 
its huge from a Linux background , but from mine it is. 
    2) Yes the RAM is fine.  POST does not show any problems and I can 
reproduce this on 3 boards.
    3) I've read the README and I'm still perplexed.  It is obviously the 
kernel decompression that causes the corruption. However I am at a loss to 
understand that right now.

    If you feel that this thread can be terminated please do so. I'm not 
getting any closer to a solution other than the one I came up with and I 
seem to be wasting everybody else's bandwidth and time.
This is where my current mail ends.


Sadanand Warrier

Wolfgang Denk <wd at denx.de>
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02/28/2005 05:14 PM

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In message 
<OF862372F6.71120301-ON85256FB6.006FAD22-85256FB6.00705E8F at optovia.com> 
you wrote:
>      No I did not try to figure out what happens when U-Boot compresses 
> the kernel image.

How big is your uncompressed kernel image? Is there  any  chance  you
are including a HUGE image file?

>      Finally in our setting it is not okay if the ram-disk load address 
> 3MB, 4MB, 5MB, 6MB or 7MB. It works only when it is 8MB and above. Hence 

> my question.

Are you sure that your RAm is working correctly?

> I'll make sure that the ram-disk is loaded at a much higher address but 
> what about the 7-8MB corruption. Is there anything in it?

No. See section "Memory Management" in the README.

> In message 
> <OFC0BE6659.AF54EF2D-ON85256FB6.006C6C07-85256FB6.006DD828 at optovia.com> 
> you wrote:
> >
> > We load our kernel at 1 MB. We load our associated ram-disk at 2MB. 

Full quote deleted.

Please learn to quote properly. See for example

> --=_alternative 00705E8E85256FB6_=
> Content-Type: text/html; charset="us-ascii"
> <br><font size=2 face="sans-serif">Well</font>
> <br><font size=2 face="sans-serif">&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;I'm not 
complaining about what's happening and several bells have been ringing.-) 
&nbsp; I'm merely &nbsp;asking for some clarification, 

And never, ever post HTML to mailing lists.

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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