[U-Boot-Users] U-Boot & FTP

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Tue Jan 4 23:19:58 CET 2005

In message <E89EC5FBB92CAB4C9BB301E636B0D858075C14 at mailserver4.mail4.local> you wrote:
> Are there any patches/modifications that enable U-boot to boot a kernel
> via FTP. ?

No, and there will be none.

FTP requires TCP/IP, which is too  much  overhead  just  for  a  boot
loader. If you need FTP, then boot an OS which runs the download.

On the othe rhand, U-Boot offers TFTP and  NFS  for  download,  so  I
wonder why you think that FTP would make your life easier.

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