[U-Boot-Users] dataflash

C. Michael Sundius msundius at sundius.com
Tue Jan 11 00:52:57 CET 2005

I noticed that there is some support for the amtel's dataflash (serial 
flash) in u-boot
but it doesn't seem as though it can stand alone without the normal 
parallel flash..
I see that the Amtel board that is supported by u-boot seems to have 
both parallel
flash and serial flash...

am I understanding this right or no... anyone have any experience in 
supporting a board
with only serial flash?

btw the board that I'm using has hardware in it to copy a simple 
primary bootloader
into sram at reset and then starts executing from there... anyway I was 
hoping I could
just write a lower level driver for my particular serial flash / spi 
bus and use existing higher
level support for the dataflash, but it doesn't seem to work quite well 
without the
parallel flash (flinfo_t) support..

if anyone has any ideas, I'd sure appreciate it...


C Michael Sundius
Solico Group LLC
232 Nevada St
San Francisco, CA 94110
msundius at sundius.com

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