[U-Boot-Users] Re: PCI, Ethernet, IXDP425

Anders Larsen alarsen at rea.de
Wed Jan 12 11:13:21 CET 2005

"Ara Avanesyan" <araav at hylink.am> schreibt:
>have i complained in my posts? although there is one: that the ixp port
>not support pci support at all though you said "Just do it" to my

The ixdp425 port does not _include_ PCI support; that does not mean PCI
is not supported.

>> I have a PCI Ethernet card on the board. I need to connect to the
>> from u-boot via this device.

You still haven't mentioned which one...
(BTW, there are truckloads of supported PCI Ethernet cards in U-Boot)
>btw, if you don't know the answer to questions, just don't answer:) there 
>are many other users in the list ;)

You obviously haven't done your homework (i.e. read the README),
otherwise you would have known that Wolfgang is the project leader.


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