[U-Boot-Users] Re: Questions about startup code for S3C44B0 CPU-core

Andrea Scian andrea.scian at dave-tech.it
Fri Jan 14 12:13:38 CET 2005

Hi Alex,

>Hi Andrea,
>  thank you for your explanation but the stacks of EXCEPTION MODEs 
> which  we discussed about
>is still not very clear.  U-boot here does not use interrupts,so there is 
>no need for such
>initialization for interrupts,but we can"t insure that there is no core 
>exception.In case of
>these exception,the system may go wrong. So I think that we should 
>initialize the stacks for
>those exceptions.

BTW, even if not used into the bootloader, interrupt vector are initialized 
by u-boot (take a look at cpu/s3c44b0/start.S)

>And there is no initialization in linux, either.What should linux do in 
>case of these
>exceptions. So there is the initialization in other common start codes of 

Something is still not clear to me... could you please tell me where I can 
find some example of such code (or where this initialization is explained 
into the ARM or Samsung manual)? Thanks.

Best Regards,

Andrea Scian

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